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Projects - Special Construction

Guanyin Statue & Museum – Vietnam Bronze statue of a buddhist deity in the mekong delta

The base of the statue is also used as a museum and is made of reinforced concrete construction. In addition to exhibition rooms on two floors, the building houses the central hall, spanned by a dome, directly under the feet of the Buddha statue. Eight concrete arches support the weight of the statue. On the pagoda-like roof, several viewing levels are accessible to visitors. Thus, following the custom, it will be possible to touch the feet of the statue. BauCon ZT GmbH, together with its local subsidiary BauCon Hanoi, was responsible for the general planning of the statue and the museum.

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Taxenbach Mudslide Gallery Protective structure at Western Railway line (Salzburg)

4-span trough structure across Western Railway line to Taxenbach Mudslide Gallery

National Park Gallery Observation decks pull in the visitors

Within the scope of the Nationalpark-Gallery, Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG is building several spectacular observation decks on the Kitzsteinhorn at an altitude of over 3,000 meters.

Extreme weather conditions with wind speeds beyond 200 km/h and its exposed location pose difficult and striking challenges to construction and the design of details.

Biatron Snow village on the occasion of the biathlon world championship

BauCon is in charge of the structural and constructional design of the buildings, which are in some cases quite technically sophisticated.

The BIATRON in Hochfilzen, built on the occasion of the biathlon world championship, includes the following buildings or parts of buildings, made to a large extent of snow and ice:

Great dome - Steel lattice formwork dome with a diameter of 20 m!, small domes, labyrinth, ice pillars, grotto, ice tunnel as well as massive outer walls made of ice.

CFC support structure reinforcements Systematic use of CFRP structural reinforcements in building and bridge construction.

The technology of CFC reinforcements of concrete and wooden parts for retrofittings or renovations is more and more a matter of routine in superstructure work and bridge construction.

It entails impressive possibilities of maintaining existing structures and adapting them to new types of use and stress situations.

Langwied reservoir Project planning and structural and constructional design

As a structural part of the artificial snow blower, the Langwied reservoir was created by building a 15-meter dam wall at Langwiedboden in the Kitzsteinhorn region.

Flood retention basin in Mittersill Structural and constructional design

The outer walls of the retention basin that reaches into the groundwater by almost 10 m were created by means of overlapping large bored piles.

World Record Airlift Heaviest airlift in civil aviation history

Calculation and construction of several transportation frames for the transport of a generator from Düsseldorf to New Delhi / Dadri

Visitor footbridges Sigmund-Thun-Klamm Annual security check

For the safety of the visitors, the footbridge constructions are subject to a thorough check once a year.

Mud breaker Reiterbach Static-constructive processing

In the course of the realization of the Zell am See tunnel bypass, it was necessary to build on the Reiterbach in the area of the north portal.