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BIM 3D design in concrete and steel construction

Are you looking for an engineering company that is fully into BIM design and has already successfully applied it several times in projects?

Then BauCon ZT GmbH is your perfect partner! Decades of expertise in the field of open and closed BIM 3D design in concrete, steel  and road construction, offer  a comprehensive BIM package to our clients.

Our BIM- package includes the following components and may be customized according to our clients needs:

I.   Model based coordination
II. Model based detail
III. Model based Drafting / inter connected Drawings
IV.  Model based visualization
V.   Model based 3D construction schedules
VI. Model based Bill of Quantities






I. Model based coordination

Despite the enormous of file formats, data exchange between a project's stakeholders (e.g. architect, construction company, HAVAC + E, mechanical engineers, road  construction, locksmith, earthworks, etc.) is no longer a problem. Data exchange may also be carried out conveniently and easily via cloud solutions. By use of model-based coordination in BIM projects, collisions can thus quickly be identified and eliminated prior the drawings are produced. In practice, this represents a significant support in site meetings. The coordination models can be accessed by all project stakeholderds at any time via Internet. Even smartphones have recently become applicable in this process.

II. Model based detail design

During model-based detail design, all details, no matter how small and complicated, are shown in 3D (e.g. joint band intersections, etc.). This guarantees functional interaction  withina stakeholders internal operations, and furthermore plays an essential role in model-based coordination between stakeholders. Thus it is an key to success in BIM projects.


III. Model based

,,Missing" late changes in unlike Drawings is overruled by this technology due to the interconnected ,,automatically" updated drawings. Since all sort of drawings are generated within the 3D model, all drawings always interact with the current status of the 3D model. More precisely, if a change is made in the model, this is automatically adopted in the associated set of drawings. This leads to a high drawing quality, finally increasing our clients satisfaction.


IV. Model based visualization

Fully accessible, serve 3D Matches better the clien or the owner to constantly monitor the real time design progress.
Collisions often do not even occur, as all stakholders do have a better understanding of the over all geometry.

V. Model based 3D construction schedules

One of the most interesting innovations in BIM design is the interaction of the 3D model with the construction schedule. Visually modelling the construction process in 3D is a great support for all project stakeholders. Construction joints, masses, concrete quality, degree of reinforcement, degree of completion supporting invoicing, manpower schedules and crane load schedules become apperceptive and allow for quick optimization. This is than referred to as a "5D construction schedule".

VI. Model based bill of Quantities

In order to fully the advantages of BIM design, the construction companies invoicing process is of particular importance. Based on this, the 3D model is developed individually, e.g. what a column, what is a wall, etc.? Defining clear structures in the 3D Modell , saves considerable time within the invoicing/payment process. This contributes to cost savings for our clients.

If you have any further questions regarding the handling of a BIM project, please do not hesitate to contact BauCon ZT GmbH with its branches all overthe world.