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Projects - Civil Engineering

Traffic relief Schüttdorf Zell am See, Austria

The construction project in question is located south of the district of Schüttdorf in the municipality of Zell am See. The main purpose is the relief of the B311 Pinzgauer Straße and B168 Mittersiller Straße in the area of Schüttdorf and the associated efficient development of the Upper Pinzgau.

The relief road will be connected to the B311 with a traffic circle. A bridge structure is required for the crossing of the local railroad directly from the B168. A new traffic circle will be built on the B168, and the Flugplatzstraße and Kapruner Straße will be connected via level junctions.

Completion: June 2022

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Station retrofitting Bruck / Fusch, Taxenbach and Lend

Detailed project planning, site supervision and BauKG on behalf of ÖBB

Line routing + SFE (defense electronics, telecommunication and electrical engineering) planning
Drainage and canal planning
Structural and constructional design
Site supervision and BauKG

Island platforms, pedestrian tunnels
Noise barriers, Park & Ride facility

Pinzgauer Local railway Laying the railway line along the flood protection dam

Submission project and detailed project for new tracks, 2 railroad crossings, civil engineering structures, railway stations

  • Planning of Park + Ride facilities in Piesendorf, Fürth/Kaprun, Stuhlfelden, Niedernsill
  • Planning of new track positions after flood events
  • Planning of modern platform facilities

Hüttwinkl storage dam Local site supervision on behalf of Salzburg provincial government

For the flood protection of Rauris, the storage dam of Hüttwinkl was erected. It has a bulk volume of approx. 85,000 cubic meters. Thus a storage space with a capacity of approx. 320,000 cubic meters is created.

Within the framework of the local site supervision, a substantial contribution could be made to quality assurance and cost control. Our construction management office, AIS Bau- und Projektmanagement GmbH, handled site supervision.http://www.ais-baumanagement.at/

Almbahn reservoir Almost 100,000 m³ holding capacity in a geologically difficult environment

On behalf of Bergbahnen Flachau and in collaboration with ZT DI. Brandner and ZT Dr. Fürlinger, we were able to increase and decisively optimize the holding capacity of the reservoir and thus the economic viability of the project despite the geologically difficult environment through the deployment of special methods in terms of foundation engineering.

Visualization of the Brixen bypass Project planning in terms of road building and hydraulic engineering

On behalf of the Tyrolean State Government, the bypass of the B170 federal highway around Brixen was planned.

A visualisation in the form of a drive on the virtual route was created especially for the in-depth information of citizens so as to illustrate the planning.

This visualisation was submitted to the international contest tendered by AUTODESK - and we received first prize.

The visualisation is available for downloading at: http://www.strabvr.com > Demo

Kienberg wall tunnel Tender planning, planning and construction site coordination

Tunnel chain with end-to-end car tunnel in the mountain; emergency and escape tunnel have been designed as pedestrian and bicycle tunnels; they lead to the bank of the Mondsee at several spots.

Lend retirement home Structural design

Construction tasks become more and more complex on account of increasing scarcity of building land. Even sliding slopes have to be and can be made safe for buildings areas.

The preparation of slope reinforcement is done in tried-and-tested collaboration with BVFS Salzburg.

Slope stabilization Hasenbach Ost Project design and structural engineering

Radstadt sewage treatment plant 3rd stage of expansion

Difficult building ground conditions and aggressive media pose intense problem resolution challenges in terms of both structural engineering and concrete technology.

TBM steel launching trestle for the Rodundwerk I pressure tunnel

Steel substructure to enable stepwise feed motion of a tunel boring machine (TBM) inside the tunnel.
Multifunctional up to a maximum angle of 36 degree and free spanning length of 8 meters.

Manila TBM Receiving Block

To ensure Manila’s supply on fresh drinking water, a TBM receiving shaft had to be constructed inside the existing reservoir.
Soft lakebed soils and weak weathered base rock conditions combined with an shallow TBM driven tunnel made this project an complex Engineering job.
TBM break trough was successfull in August 2021.

PSKW Kühtai road deisgn - detailed design of access roads

PSKW Kühtai - road design - detailed design of access roads.
BauCon ZT GmbH was awarded for Längental road design on behalf of and in good cooperation with TIWAG.
The design works include all necessary cabel and pipe works to ensure safe energy and water supply during the construction period as well as the transmission of underground power plants energy.
Construction work were completed and the further construction of the Kühtai PSP is ongoing.