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Baucon Teams - together for success

Our highly motivated team consists of civil consultants and graduate engineers for civil engineering, for cultural engineering and water management, HTL engineers, technical draftsmen and administrative staff.

We are among the leading civil engineering offices in terms of technical office equipment, CAD and STATICS and DYNAMICS programs since 1989. Our employees are continuously trained and know the latest developments in the entire construction sector.

The encouragement of women in the workplace, especially technology, is a particular concern of ours, which we implement through family-friendly working time arrangements.

Team Zell am See

Baco Gerond, MSc.
DI Berger Laura
DI Brucker Philipp
Burgschwaiger Verena
Duronjic Diana
Eder-Donauer Ingeborg
Ing. Fuchs Jürgen
Gallob Hannes
Ing. Griessner Thomas
Haitzmann Tobias
Ing. Halm Martina
DI Hasse Jan-Peter
DI Haussteiner Gerald
Ing. Höller Margit
Huber Martina
DI Nischler Gerd
Pentz Fabian
DI Schlosser Harald
Schobersteiner Sabrina
Ing. Seidl Julian
Trixl Sabine
DI Wabnig Andreas
Wallner Markus

Team Kitzbühel

Ing. Breuer Daniel
Breuer Tobias
Eder Andreas
Ing. Enlacher Bernd
Ing. Farbmacher Gertraud
Gastl Thomas
Ing. Müllauer Marcel
Koidl Marcel
DI Oberlader Andrea
DI Zimmermann Peter

Team Wien

Baier Johannes
Bui Trong Nghia
DI Deutsch Max
Eichhorn Manuela
Engl-Wurzer Roman
Ing. Ivakovic Tomo
DI Jandl Florian
DI Kreiderits Thomas
Ing. Krutzler Christoph
Mag. Leitner Daniela
DI Dr. Leitner Hans-Georg
DI Dr. Leitner Hans-Martin
Nguyen Than Linh, MSc.
Schippani Michael
DI Schmalhofer Simon
DI (FH) Shaabani Parham
DI. Dr. Shahriari Shervin
Dl Julian Sigmund
Stauf Elisabeth
DI Suppanz Florian
Zenz Alexandra

Team Hanoi

Do Duy Long, office director
Do Xuan Dai, engineer
Nong Quoc Manh, engineer
Vu Xuan Nam, engineer
Chu Van Thai, engineer
Nguyen Ngoc Linh, engineer
Nguyen Hong Yen, engineer
Nguyen Bao Quyen, engineer
Nguyen Mai Anh, secretary

Team Bangkok

DI Max Deutsch
Jayde Chusantia, secretary