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CONCEPT As an independent company, we are committed to the following principles in our corporate structure:

Our employees are the company's greatest asset.

We want satisfied, healthy and motivated employees who are proud of their performance and their company. This can only happen in a climate of openness, trust, collegial cooperation and the greatest possible communication, as well as under consideration of health-promoting working conditions. That is why we are committed to workplace health promotion. It is the task of managers to ensure this through motivation and exemplary behavior and to promote the further development of employees.

We are a customer-oriented company. We live from our clients.

Our goal is the best possible fulfillment of your expectations in compliance with the valid legal and economic framework conditions as well as the ecological and social demands of our environment.

We are committed to fairness in business....

...and to behave as partners towards our clients and all business partners.

We are innovative and continuously improve the existing.

We recognize new needs and quickly adapt our products and services to meet them.

We need to make a profit....

... which secures the long-term development of our company and thus jobs.