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CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS With our qualifications and experience, we are able to implement your projects on time and in an economically optimized manner.

The field of activity ranges from all types of structures to the handling of construction tasks to environmental issues and management tasks, including scheduling and cost control.

Civil engineering includes both structural design and the implementation of construction tasks in the areas of building construction, industrial construction, civil engineering, traffic route construction and special construction. As independent planners, civil consultants play a key role in the Design and construction of bridges, airports, houses of all kinds, cable cars, roads and tunnels - i.e. in most public, private and infrastructural buildings.

In addition, the maintenance and renovation of buildings, dealing with questions of energy, material and resource management as well as project management and control, local construction supervision and expert work are essential components of the field of work of civil consultants. As a partner of architects, structural planning and building physics as well as geotechnical engineering are among the main focuses of our work.


Fields of activity

We are your competent partner when it comes to structural design, structural engineering and the design of traffic routes and hydraulic structures.

Range of services

We are happy to take your order for design and construction supervision, tendering and accompanying control of your project. We also prepare expert reports as court-certified experts for civil engineering.

Areas of expertise

We deal with projects in civil engineering, industrial construction,  construction of power plants, cable cars, bridges and special structures for public and private clients at home and abroad.

BAUCON PROJECTS Find below an extract of our projects in Austria and around the world:

Building design

Structural design and calculations of retirement homes, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, event and sports halls, office buildings, condominiums, hotels, halls, ...

Ropeway engineering

Structural design and calculation of stations and column foundations of ropeways and T-bar lifts, chairlifts and cable cars, funitels and 3S-teleferics


Project design, structural design and calculations, design calculation checks of bridges made of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, steel, wood or composite design